Eifeltor – Germany's largest and most efficient reloading site

Originally a small transshipment station, Cologne-Eifeltor is now a major facility covering some 30 hectares. Together with the Cologne/Bonn cargo airport and the Port of Cologne, the Eifeltor freight centre is part of the top logistics region of the Cologne Bay.

Combined transport

At the heart of the freight centre is the terminal of Deutsche Umschlaggesellschaft Schiene-Straße (DUSS) mbH. This terminal is one of the most important facilities in Europe for combined transport, which means that goods are transferred between trains and lorries.

200 trains a week

Every week, around 200 national and international trains start or end at the DUSS terminal, especially those travelling between German cities and economic centres in Italy and Spain. The site has also become a hub for shipments between several northern and southern rail routes.

On three crane runways

Built in 1969, the facility has undergone several expansions and conversions to become one of the largest multi-module facilities in Germany. The DUSS terminal is equipped with three high-performance crane runways, the third of which was fully extended in 2012. A total of eight gantry cranes are currently in 24-hour operation. An additional crane will be installed in Module 3 from October this year. By 2025, the terminal will have three handling modules and a total of nine gantry cranes. This will provide capacity for future growth in combined transport.