Key sectors

Cologne is characterised by a productive blend of large, medium-sized and small companies as well as a healthy mix of industries and sectors. Companies within the manufacturing; life sciences; ICT; media and financial sectors are all equally represented in Cologne. Find out more about these sectors on this site.

Financial and Professional Services

Insurance/InsurTech, banking, consulting, real estate and corporate services - the financial and professional services sector is soaring in Cologne.

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Health and Life Sciences

Cologne's 200 or so healthcare companies make it both a leading national and international location in the sphere of Health and Life Sciences.

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Industrial Production

A broad mix of sectors with a strong automotive industry and many chemical production sites make Cologne one of Germany's strongholds for industrial production.

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Information and Communications Technology

Cologne is Germany's most digitally advanced city and one of the country's most vital locations for Information and Communications Technology.

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Media and Creative Industries

 Cologne is a centre for media innovation with an important film and broadcasting industry and thriving games, design and IT industries.

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